Re-fashion: DIY Lace Front Sweatshirt

lace_sweatshirtMy latest DIY was a re-fashion of a plain crew neck sweatshirt into a super cute lace front sweatshirt. It was pretty simple and super cheap. I started with a plain grey crew neck sweatshirt from Old Navy. I scored it for around $15! A similar version can be found here. The lace I used was actually an old curtain I found at my local Volunteers of America retail store ($4.99 for 2) and the rest of the materials I already had.

For this project you’ll need:

-1 sweatshirt

– lace material

– Heat and Bond Lite (Can be found here.)

– Thread

– scissors (both paper and fabric ones)


-Fabric marking pen

-Sewing Machine

I originally got my inspiration for this project from seeing sweatshirts like these online. (That one actually used a contrasting thread color which would be a great next project for me.) I decided I could just make my own version of this trend at about half the cost.

I started by removing the ruffle from the lace curtain and laying it out over the front of the sweatshirt. I used a Mark-B-Gone/Disappearing Ink pen to draw the shape of the front along the neckline and sides. I then cut it out and trimmed accordingly. I then used Heat N’ Bond Lite on the sweatshirt to make the lace stick to the sweatshirt with out having to sew it throughout the middle of the shirt. I then stitched all the way around the lace to secure it and keep the lace from fraying. Voila! Cute little sweatshirt!

I really enjoyed this project, I can’t wait to tackle a few more like these. I love the re-fashion/repurposing of clothing and fabrics into new, useable and oh-so-wearable items. (Especially if it saves me a buck or two!)


8 thoughts on “Re-fashion: DIY Lace Front Sweatshirt

  1. Just found this tutorial and love it. I’m going to try it out. One question, does the heat n bond leave “stickiness” through the holes in the lace? Does it stick to your iron at all? thanks!

    • When I laid the lace down on the sweatshirt I used the backing paper from the heat n bond as a barrier between the lace and the iron. Once it all cooled, there was no stickiness at all. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thank you for the detailed instructions. I couldn’t find a lace tablecloth and/or curtains at my local thrift store, so I bought lace by the yard from a fabric store and I am going to use a raglan sleeve sweater instead of a sweatshirt. Wish me luck!!!

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