Mother’s Day Gift: DIY Wooden Memory Game

DIY_memory_gameI had to share with you the gifts I made for my mother and my mother in law (the grandmas) for this past Mother’s Day. These fun, but time consuming, gifts were a big hit with the grandmas. Instead of making a Mother’s Day gift that would be forgotten or thrown away, I decided to make something that the grandmas could use with their grandchildren. I saw this DIY Memory Game on Pinterest and said I can make that! I made two games, one for each grandma’s house- and I made them specific to each grandma with pictures of their own children on the pieces so they are nice and personalized. The best part is the games can be expanded as people get married or more grandchildren are born. 🙂

Supplies Needed:

– 20 wooden disks (Or any number you want. I found mine online here.

– pictures

– Mod Podge


-Acrylic spray

So here it went:

They were a total hit with the grandmas and have already been played with by the grandchildren. Up next is adding more matches when the next grand child arrives!


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